One of the most important actions of support that any Dedham resident can take is to contact your town representatives.  Voice your support and participate in your government using the contact information listed here.  The Dedham Heritage Rail Trail project is part of Dedham's Master Plan, but our representatives need to see grassroots support for this project otherwise it will be unlikely to succeed. They need to hear from the voters and residents they serve.


After a long process of researching jurisdiction of the rail corridor, the Town came to the conclusion that the School Committee does in fact have jurisdiction over certain portions of the corridor.  It is therefore very important that the members of the committee, in addition to the superintendent hear support for this project.

Superintendent Michael Welch:                                                    

Mayanne MacDonald Briggs:

Steve Bilafer:                                           

Kevin Coughlin:  

Joshua Donati:

Lisa Laprade:                                                   

Melissa Pearrow:

Tracey White:

Board of Selectmen

Under the Dedham Home Rule Charter, the Board of Selectmen serves as the chief policy making agency of the Town of Dedham. Email all of the Selectmen at once using the email:

Or contact them individually:

Dennis J. Guilfoyle, Chair:

Dimitria Sullivan:

James A. McDonald:

Dennis J. Teehan,

Sarah MacDonald:

Parks and Recreation Commission

The Dedham Parks and Recreation Commission is a five member elected board whose function is to oversee, when necessary, any program or function that comes under the jurisdiction granted by the Town Charter, of the Park and Recreation Department.  The proposed rail trail sits on land largely under Parks and Recreation's jurisdiction so it is critical to let them know there is wide support for this project.

Jonathan Briggs:

Tye Donahue:

Chuck DelloIaconno:

Lisa Moran:

Jim Maher:

Town Meeting

Ultimately, the fate of the Dedham Heritage Rail Trail will come down to a Town Meeting vote.  Town Meeting convenes twice per year, and major proposals are voted upon by elected representatives from each of Dedham's six precincts. 

Do you know who your Town Meeting representatives are?  Check out this list on the Dedham town website.  Town Meeting member email addresses are not made public, but street addresses are listed on the town website so please consider writing a short letter to the representatives in your precinct.

Dedham Town Meeting Member List

Town Manager

The Town Manager serves as the chief administrative officer of the town, and is directly responsible to the Board of Selectmen for the administration of all town affairs for which the office of the Administrator is given responsibility by the Dedham Home Rule Charter.

Nancy A. Baker, Interim Town Manager:

Town Planner

The Planning Zoning Office is responsible for issues pertaining to planning, land use, or zoning including zoning variances, special permits, administrative appeals, rezonings, site plan review and major development projects, parking plans, and other projects.

Jeremy Rosenberger:

Town Environmental Coordinator

The Environmental department oversees all aspects of environmental issues in the town as well as Dedham Trails and the Dedham Heritage Rail Trail project.

Virginia LeClair, Environmental Coordinator:

State Government

Paul McMurtry, MA State Representative: